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Nursing Vision

Nursing Vision was written for nurse researchers at other institutions to educate them about the work being done at City of Hope. It came out three to four times a year. My responsibilities were to write copy, copy edit, work with the designer to produce, and manage the process from issue planning through completed piece.

Finding Merit in an Age-old Medical Practice


This article was published in Nursing Vision, Volume 4, Issue 2, Fall 1995, a publication of the City of Hope Nursing Division, City of Hope National Medical Center. Finding Merit in an Age-old Medical Practice In centuries past, the leech was regularly used as a medicinal aid in an attempt to cure many ailments from headaches to insomnia to “possession by demons.” However, in the mid-1800s, because bloodletting (removing blood from the patient, with or without the assistance of leeches) was found to have no benefit, the medical use of the medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) went the way of the dodo-that is until recent years. In medical centers across the nation, H. medicinalis, a relative of the earthworm, is again being used in cases where venous circulation is impaired; for example, when fingers are reattached or when skin flap transplantations are performed. Jane Beard, RN, a clinical nurse in City

Heading into the Future with Electronic Medical Records

This article was published in Nursing Vision, Volume 4, Issue 2,Fall 1995, pp 1-4, the quarterly newsletter for City of Hope’s Division of Nursing. Heading into the Future with Electronic Medical Records Imagine working in a world where medical records are paperless, computers are carried like clipboards and current patient data are accessed at the touch of a keyboard. Such a world is coming sooner than you may think, for City of Hope National Medical Center has begun building a computer system that will move these futuristic scenarios closer to reality. in March 1995, following several months of successful testing, City of Hope installed the Windows version of Open Architecture Clinical Information System (OACIS), which will integrate patient data from throughout the institution into one computerized system. When fully operational, OACIS will centralize patient data and streamline access to information that otherwise could be time-consuming to retrieve if not yet

Projects Managed: Convention Tour Program 1995

Every other year, fund-raising volunteers from around the country make a pilgrimage to the City of Hope campus in Duarte, Calif. They are provided a VIP tour of the facility, as well as special program created for that year’s tour. In 1995, I was the project manager for that program, coordinating content, design and production, as well as editing. Table of Contents Welcome Convention Memories Dedication of New Medical Building Molecular Medicine Disease-Related Research Bone Marrow Transplantation Matthew Phelan: A Patient’s Story Nursing Research and Education Diabetes Radioimmunotherapy Program The University of Hope Graduate School Convention Tour Speakers Campus Guide National Offices Specs 8-1/2″ x 11″ Printed on card stock Saddle stitched 3-color processing

James S. Miser, MD, to Join City of Hope as Chair, Division of Pediatrics

Pediatric oncologist James S. Miser, MD, will join City of Hope National Medical Center in July as chair of the Division of Pediatrics and director of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, according to a recent announcement by Sanford M. Shapero, DHL, DD, president and chief executive officer, and John S. Kovach, MD, executive vice president for Medical and Scientific Affairs. John A. Zaia,MD, who has headed the division as acting pediatrician-in-chief since 1987, will continue in his role as director of Virology and Infectious Diseases and will assume responsibility for basic research in the Division of Pediatrics. “We welcome Dr. Miser to our campus,” said Dr. Shapero. “He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that will enhance our ongoing programs and srengthen our position as a leading clinical research center. For myself, personally, and for the board of directors, I welcome Dr. Miser and his family into our midst.” Continue

City of Hope Establishes Graduate School

This was a special attachment to the weekly employee newsletter, F.Y.I. City of Hope Establishes Graduate School Building on Existing Educational Programs The City of Hope has received approval from the State of California’s Department of Education to establish an independent Graduate School that will confer a PhD in Biological Sciences. Currently, three students are enrolled in the program and more are expected to begin studies on the campus in Duarte this winter. Dean of the Graduate School is Arthur D.Riggs, PhD, director of the Department of Bioligy in City of Hope’s Beckman Research Institute. Working closely with Dr. Riggs in the development and administration of the school is John E. Shively, PhD, chairman of the Division of Immunology, Beckman Research Institute. Download the complete article here.

While California Is Still Picking, Grape Harvest in Texas Is All Wrapped Up

This press release for Llano Estacado Winery was sent October 3, 1994. While California Is Still Picking, Grape Harvest in Texas Is All Wrapped Up 1994 Should Be a Good Vintage for Lone Star Wines The wine grape harvest arrives early in Texas — Texas wineries began picking grapes in early August this year, beating the onset of the California harvest by three weeks. The harvest in Texas is now complete and winemakers say it looks like 1994 will be a good vintage. Continue reading…

Cuvée Porsche Races into the United States

Press release written while with Gracelyn & Burns for our client Champagne Deutz. Cuvée Porsche Races into the United States A Special Bottling from Champagne Deutz, Available for the First Time in the U.S. What do Porsche enthusiasts and lovers of fine Champagne have in common? Good taste? Yes, but they also have Champagne Deutz Cuvée Porsche! Enjoyed by European Champagne and Porsche enthusiasts for 12 years, this special Deutz bottling is now available to aficionados in the United States. Cuvée Porsche is being sold on a limited basis through a speical direct mail program. Only 100 cases of 750 ml bottles are offered for $34.75 a bottle… Download the complete release here.

Proposals: A new computer system for Gracelyn & Burns

Gracelyn & Burns needed to upgrade their computer systems and, as one of my first projects, asked me to research how they could do so cost effectively. The proposal I created included the following Table of Contents: Introduction Description: What we have What we need Our options Summary: The System of our Future Budget: How much will this cost? Plan A: One Shot Deal Plan B: Multi-Phase Deal Ethernet Summary/Conclusion Sources Appendices The proposal included budget tables, illustrations and two options to get us from where we were to where we wanted to be. I also included optional items that could bring some of our services in-house, rather than contracting them out.

Champagne Deutz Newly Strengthened

Pursues Commitment to Quality with Introduction of New Brut Classic Evolution is an exercise in both patience and strength. Champagne Deutz has shown the patience to develop superb wines befitting a Grande Marque house — surviving through five generations filled wiht war, riots and economic hardships, while keeping with tradition and perfecting its cuvées. With the recent infusion of capital from Champagne Louis Roederer, the House of Deutz has renewed strength and continues its pursuit of ever-increasing quality with the introduction of a new non-vintage Brut. The Deutz style is most evident in its non-vintage wines, for this is where the creativity of the blend occurs. This July, Champagne Deutz releases the new n.v. Brut Classic, which maintains the House style of fresh, lively champagnes with excellent balance. To read the entire release, download the complete PDF.