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BUILD Graduate Mentors Learn About the Validity of Their Work

BUILD Graduate Mentors Learn About the Validity of Their WorkFor this CSULB BUILD post, I email interviewed several graduate mentors about their experience attending a seminar.

A sense of belonging and growth mindset are two key components addressed by Graduate Mentors (GMs) in the CSULB BUILD (BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity) program. Numerous studies from researchers at Stanford, Washington State University, Columbia University, and others have shown that when students feel that they belong and believe that they can develop their abilities through hard work and dedication, they are likely to be more successful in all areas of their lives.

On Sept. 7, BUILD GMs attended a symposium titled, “Symposium on Inclusive Pedagogy and Growth Mindset,” that discussed the efficacy of these two concepts. Hosted by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the intention of the symposium was to help attendees apply the new psychology of success and the principles of social-emotional learning to their teaching and advising.

Graduate Mentors and the BUILD Program

The CSULB BUILD program currently has three training tracks: Associates, Scholars, and Fellows. GMs are assigned to a group of trainees from one of these three cohorts.

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