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Developing a Science Identity at ABRCMS

Developing a Science Identity at ABRCMSFor this CSULB BUILD post, I email interviewed several of the students who went to ABRCMS with the BUILD program that year.

During the second week of November 2018, CSULB BUILD trainees had the opportunity to attend the 18th Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Scientists (ABRCMS) in Indianapolis, Ind. For many of them, this was their first professional conference, as well as their first opportunity to present their research at this level.

Before the SURGE program, which is the first phase of the Scholars program for new trainees, Hannah Rattu Mandias had limited experience with research. She said that ABRCMS was the perfect environment for undergraduate students who had never presented before. “The conference provided poster presentation practice rooms, which helped me a lot in terms of practicing effectively beforehand,” she said.

The practice paid off for Mandias, a Marine Biology major, as she received an award for outstanding poster presentation in the developmental biology and genetics category. Madison Kane, a Biomedical Engineering major, also took home an award for her poster presentation in the engineering, physics and mathematics, chemistry category.

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