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Guest Speaker Encourages Students To Shoot for the Stars

Guest Speaker Encourages Students To Shoot for the StarsFor this CSULB BUILD post, I email interviewed several students who attended the speaker session.

When Jacob Barrera, MPH, decided not to be a doctor, his parents pulled their support for his education. But that didn’t stop him. He went on to earn a double major Bachelor’s degree (Psychology and Dance) and continued on to earn a Master’s in Public Health at Harvard.

“I personally thought that today’s colloquium gave me more motivation to follow my passion and to continue to do what I love,” said Year One Scholar Brady Carbajal.

Barrera shared his story during the first Fall 2018 Colloquium held Friday, Sept. 28. He shared the ups and downs of his career and encouraged attendees to be unapologetic about their goals and who they are as individuals.

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