Innovative Thinker

shelle.holland“One of Carma’s greatest assets is her ability to bring new and innovative ideas to the table. She is constantly thinking of new ways to help the company grow and improve…”
Shelley Holland, Desert Lifestyle Publishing
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f.lane.france“Carma offered many fresh ideas that contributed in part to the overall success of KidsGrowth.”
F. Lane France, MD,
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Effective Communicator

paul.knopick“Carma has a strong scientific background and an ability to translate her knowledge into readable, interesting copy.”
Paul Knopick, E&E Communications
(He was my manager at City of Hope National Medical Center)
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denize.springer“Carma has a demonstrated ability to research, digest and write highly technical material and meet deadlines.… She is a very quick study, be it researching whale species or using unfamiliar software.”
Denize Springer, The Marine Mammal Center
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anna.maria.prezio“As an excellent writer and thorough editor, she is able to take complex information and make it understandable in layman’s language to a varied audience. She is able to do this under tight deadlines while juggling several projects and with minimum supervision.”
Anna Maria Prezio, Contessa Productions
(I worked with her while she was on contract with City of Hope)
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roberta.delgado“Carma is very good at helping people understand something that is new to them. She is intelligent, amiable and easy to work with. I recommend her as a diligent and efficient and worker.”
Roberta Delgado, North Bay Career Resource Center
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Excellent Worker

liz-williams“Her creativity, coupled with superb organizational skills, enabled her to take loosely defined projects, and see them through to fruition.”
Liz Williams, SCO
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krcb“Her exceptional writing and organizational skills, “can do” attitude, and patient demeanor are infectious to those around her. Her attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, tir:eless energy, and congenial personality are among her many assets.”
Roni Berg, KRCB TV
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