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Year 1 Scholars Share Their Thoughts About SURGE 2018

Year 1 Scholars Share Their Thoughts About SURGE 2018For this CSULB BUILD article, I email interviewed several of the scholars who participated in the SURGE 2018 program.

“The SURGE experience was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to decide if graduate school was really the path that I wanted to embark upon,” said Year 1 Scholar Madison Kane. “After completing SURGE, I knew that I wanted to continue my education after receiving my bachelor’s degree.”

Every summer, the new class of Year 1 Scholars and Fellows, attend CSULB BUILD’s Summer Undergraduate Research Gateway to Excellence (SURGE 1) program. The purpose of SURGE is to onboard new trainees and give them the information they need on a variety of topics that will help them prepare for the graduate school application process. It gives them a solid foundation for preparing for a career in research. This year SURGE 1 was led by Dr. Jesse Dillon from CNSM and Dr. Perla Ayala from COE with contributions from Dr. Kim Vu and Dr. Guido Urizar from the Dept. of Psychology, Dr. Jose Rodriguez from Communications, and Dr. Mara Bird from the Center for Latino Community Health, as well as many others.

Many of the new recruits learned about CSULB BUILD through fellow CSULB students, including those who participated in either the Associates or Scholars program previously.

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